About Us

It is 7pm on a Friday evening, and you have just been ushered to your seats at your local arena to watch your favorite sports team play, in what is projected to be the most competitive game of the season. As the game increases in intensity, your significant other kindly asks you to purchase some refreshments before the lineups get too long. The game, has reached a critical point, and you are now faced with an uncomfortable duality. To go? Or not to go. In an effort not to sabotage the mood of the evening, or how your partner would perceive you for declining, you fulfill their request, and head towards to concession stand ... mid-game. On the long and overwhelmingly crowded walk back to your section, roars and screams of excitement echo throughout the stadium. The disappointment, and frustration is indescribable, upon returning to your seat, nearly 20 minutes later you notice that the gentleman beside you is being served food from the exact same establishment, at his seat! You kindly tap the restaurant employee and let her know that you were not aware they delivered and you had just spent 20 minutes navigating through crowds away from your seat! She advised, that they do not deliver, but they are a vendor on a mobile application which offers in seat delivery service for the arena. She smiled, and said “Next time your troubles could have all been avoided had you downloaded the mobile app, Book It My Way”.

Book It My Way is the genesis, in facilitating access to everything your consumer lifestyle requires - at the click of a button. The user signs up, creates a profile, and fills in customized criteria tailored to the categories they would like to have special access to. From that moment onward, Book It My Way is a one stop shop for consumer needs. Users are able to book their favorite restaurants, purchase tickets to events, book appointments for their vehicle, hair appointments, and doctors’ appointments. Book It My Way allows consumers to have access to a domain of businesses and retailers that offer alerts for promotional discounts, directly to your mobile device. A turning point in the technology is having vendors use the software to communicate directly with the consumer. For example, if one books a doctor’s appointment through the app - they will be able to book it based off of the provided availability from the medical office. In the event of a cancellation or reschedule, the doctor's office is able to send a message directly to the patient through the app, informing them of any changes. This structure is in place for any business type on the app, and eliminates long wait times on the phone, and miscommunications between businesses and consumers. Knowing that a common cause of bankruptcy amongst businesses is the inability to keep up with changing consumer habits, the functionality of Book It My Way can help alleviate this dilemma. All consumer profiles are being sent directly to the vendors of interest, and that will help companies monitor exactly who, is interested in being alerted for their products and services. The targeted demographic for this application is consumers ages 13+, who are technologically adept and those that are a part of the working class.

The outreach for this program is to acquire a large database of both consumers and businesses that operate for all consumer needs within one application. The great thing about our app, is that consumers sign up for free, and vendors will be able to post unlimited advertisements for free on their page. Vendor fees range from $120-300 per month, for that small fee, your business will be able to gain worldwide exposure and access consumers from around the world! Gone are the days of draining marketing meetings, execution of consumer analytics that produce little results .With Book It My Way, businesses are in full control of how they would like to reach customers in different areas, and can tailor ads to reach buyers within a certain demographic. When you need to book a reservation for any restaurant for breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, When you’re travelling and need to book a taxi, Limo or a charter vehicle Book It My Way will have you feeling like the world is at your fingertips , through the click of a button. No more missing out on sales and new products that are launching from your favorite retailers. No more unwanted emails that go straight to junk mail. No more sifting between different applications just to keep track of it all. Everything in one app. Save money, save time and enjoy our VIP treatment. Welcome, to Book It My Way. Revolutionizing how we plan our lifestyle.